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Classroom Websites for Distance Learning

***Please note the following links for classroom websites will only work if you are logged into your google account on your Chrome browser and your teacher has already made you a member or invited you to be a member on their Google Classroom Page. If you are not a member and you wish to be one please email your teacher, give them your email and your student's name.

*** Tutorial video to be sure you are logged into your google account on your Chrome browser. CLICK HERE

*** How to get on to Google Classroom



Classroom Website


Ms. Brogdon

School Counselor

Mrs. Yang


Ms. Judy


Mrs. Rao


Mrs. Contratto


 Mrs. Cosmo  Art

 Mr. Santos  Music

Ms. Bradford


Mrs. Tapia


Mrs. Schwieger


Mr. Williams

1st Grade

Mrs. Adamson

1st Grade


Mr. Thompson

2nd Grade

Ms. Guerrero

2nd Grade

Ms. Foster

2nd Grade

Mrs. Hjelden(Mr. Santiago)

3rd Grade

Ms. Winsten

3rd Grade  

Mrs. Geary

3rd Grade

Mr. Jackson

4th Grade

Mrs. Neal

4th Grade

Mr. Pinney

5th Grade

Mr. Ossola

5th Grade

Mr. Linton

6th Grade

Mr. Schaa

6th Grade

Mr. Silva

4th - 6th SDC

Ms. Smith

7th and 8th ELA

Ms. McGee

7th and 8th Math

Mr. Malik

7th and 8th Social Sciences

Mrs. Crowley

7th and 8th Science

Mr. Delapaz

7th and 8th PE

Mr. Burton

7th and 8th SDC