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Falcons 2020 Virtual Promotion Ceremony

Congratulations_8th_Grade_Falcons!_The_ceremony_will_take_place_on_Thursday_June_4th,_from_12:00_–_1:30_p.m Card IconCongratulations 8th Grade Falcons! The ceremony will take place on Thursday June 4th, from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m

Dear Joyce Students and Families,

I want to congratulate all of our 8th graders on their upcoming promotion. This year has definitely been one of the most challenging of their academic career, but so many of our students continue to do their best and show their SWAG every day.  All of the teachers at F.C. Joyce are proud of the 8th graders and we look forward to honoring them during our virtual promotion ceremony on June 4th.  We hope that all of the students and families can join us on that day for this very special occasion.


Mr. Davis